Our History

  • We were founded in 1985 under the former name of Messrs. Gary Mak & Co., which was later changed to Gary Mak, Dennis Wong & Chang following expansion in our manpower and business scale.

  • As a result of 30 years’ effort and heartful service to our clients, we are now one of the leading firms in Hong Kong.

  • We provide diversified legal services, and  particularly in the second hand property transactions as well as HOS sales and purchases, we have a very high market share.

  • We have a broad clientele, including individual and institutional clients.

  • We handle mortgage transactions for various major banks, and maintain close relationships with the latter.

  • We have manpower of nearly 60 staff, majority of whom have worked for us for over 20 years, possessing deep legal knowledge and skill, ensuring professional and efficient service to our clients.


Elite in Profession

We provide a broad spectrum of services, majoring in real estate transactions, mortgages, tenancies, succession, divorce, annual retainers, civil litigations and general commercial matters, etc.  In the second-hand real estate market, as well as home ownership scheme market, we enjoy high market share. Indeed, based on annual total value of registered sale and purchase agreements, our market share in the second hand real estate transactions has been among the top two for years, with also a high market share in the first hand property transactions.

Year Second Hand Real Estate Transaction Market Share
2014 No. 1
2015 No. 1
2016 No. 2


We Serve With heart

Our founding principle is to serve always with heart and sincerity, in the best interest of our clients. We firmly believe, providing the best quality of service is the only way to gain client appreciation and recognition.